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  • Payment Options | Ipswich & Colchester England | A Abu-Own

    Payment Information > Payment Options Patients can often feel intimidated by the financial aspect involved with receiving their treatment in the independent sector. Many worry that it will be a long, complicated process with unexpected bills. We're here to help guide you through our simple and transparent process so that there are no surprises. Explore our convenient payment options: Private Medical Insurance Pay for Myself Medical Insurance Your treatment could be covered by your current insurer and we work with all of the major providers. If you are paying for your treatment with medical insurance, then it is important that you liaise closely with your insurance provider throughout the process. You should be aware of the terms and conditions of your policy and let us know if there are any limitations. ​ Mr Abu-Own works with the following private medical insurance providers: When you attend Nuffield Health Ipswich hospital for treatment please make sure you bring the following: ​ Medical insurance registration documents Completed claim form / proof of pre-authorisation by medical insurer. ​ Make sure that your claim form has been signed by your GP and if required by your insurance policy provider. In order to meet the admission requirements of many insurance companies, we may need you to provide the date when your symptoms first developed and the date you subsequently visited your GP. We understand that it's sometimes difficult to schedule an appropriate time to see your local GP, especially with long waiting times. You may wish to look into the Nuffield Health private GP service which offers a rapid access GP service if you don't want to wait. Please note that if you do not have all of your insurance details with you when you first come into hospital for treatment, then you may be asked to settle your account in full before leaving. ​ We have an arrangement with many insurance companies which allows us to send your invoice directly to them. If you do however receive an invoice for treatment at the end of your stay, then you should forward this to your insurance company. Please Note Mr Abu-Own is compliant with the schedule of fees of all major insurance companies. This means that you will not be charged any excess fees on account of Mr Abu-Own on top of what your insurance company pays. However, for procedures requiring anaesthesia, we can not be responsible for anaesthetists who do not comply with the fee structure. Mr Abu-Own requests a fee-compliant anaesthetist; but this cannot be guaranteed. Please contact us if you need help verifying that you are covered by your insurance Paying for Myself We offer an all-inclusive pre-agreed procedure price, including aftercare for greater peace of mind. If you want to spread the cost of treatment, 0% finance options are available. If you are funding your treatment yourself, you are entitled to self-refer without having to see your GP. However, Mr Abu-Own recommends that you get a referral from your GP first if possible. We understand that it's sometimes difficult to schedule an appropriate time to see your local GP, especially with long waiting times. You may wish to look into the Nuffield Health private GP service which offers a rapid access GP service if you don't want to wait. During your initial consultation, Mr Abu-Own will discuss your condition and treatment plan with you. Depending on your condition he may carry out a Doppler test or Duplex Ultrasound scan to help with diagnosis and recommend the best treatment; this is charged for separately. Occasionally, you may need further investigations to be carried out in the imaging or other department. Subsequently, a further follow up appointment may be required to discuss the outcome and further management. ​ Once the initial assessment by Mr Abu-Own is completed, our partners at the Nuffield Health Ipswich booking office will offer you an all-inclusive price* for any procedure required. For peace of mind, this covers all of your treatment costs, including pre-assessment and aftercare, so that you don’t have to worry about unexpected bills. ​ If you're happy with your treatment plan and the all-inclusive procedure price and are ready to proceed, Mr Abu-Own's Secretary (Vicky Handy) will contact you to agree a date for the operation. Nuffield Health will also arrange with you a convenient date for pre-assessment, usually 1-2 weeks prior to the treatment date. This includes an assessment of your general health and fitness for surgery by carrying out various tests and investigations. Following the procedure, Mr Abu-Own routinely sees patients at least once for a follow-up outpatient appointment. This is included in the all-inclusive procedure price. ​ During the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be times where it may not be possible for Mr Abu-Own to have a consultation with you in person. Depending on current guidelines by Nuffield Health (which are continually subject to change) and your individual circumstances, it may be that Mr Abu-Own offers you a virtual consultation (phone or video). For self-funding patients, these are charged at a cheaper rate than face-to-face consultations. Please contact Mr Abu-Owns’ team for more information. For futher information, please contact Ipswich Nuffield Bookings on 01473 279123 and ask to speak to the self-pay enquiry team. Alternatively, you can send us a message and we'll get back to you via your chosen contact method. Personal Medical Loans Getting access to the best possible healthcare may be more accessible than you think. You can get the treatment you need now and pay back later. Nuffield Health recommend Chrysalis Finance as the ideal way to pay back the cost of your medical treatment. They are the only ethical provider who focus solely in the healthcare arena. You pay back over 6 or 10 interest-free monthly instalments at representative 0% APR with no added costs, deposits or admin fees. Longer term payment plans are available at 9.9% APR.** ​ For more information, please get in touch . *Initial consultation(s), diagnostic scans/tests and investigations required to establish a diagnosis are not part of the procedure price. For more details, please see Nuffield Health's terms and conditions . **Rates correct at time of publication: March 2020. Terms and conditions apply. We or Nuffield Health do not receive any commission for introducing customers to credit.

  • Benefits | Ipswich & Colchester England | A Abu-Own

    Why Choose Us? > Why Choose Us Explore the benefits of getting treatment with Mr. Abu-Own Our mission is to bring together the best in surgical expertise with the best personalised service conditions in a way that is affordable and accessible, both for people with private medical insurance and for those who wish to pay for themselves. Explore some of the key benefits we have to offer below. Rapid access to the best private healthcare When you have a concern about a health issue, the last thing you want to do is wait for an appointment, a diagnosis or treatment. We provide e arly appointments and rapid test results to help nip problems in the bud and allow you to spend as little time as possible worrying. You also won't have to worry about long waiting lists to get the treatment that you need. Our goal is to get you back to where you want to be as quickly as possible. Highly trained, experienced consultant surgeon Mr Abu-Own has over three decades of experience as a surgeon in the United Kingdom, including two decades working as a consultant. He has cared for thousands of patients and the results for his surgery are excellent and are recorded on the National Vascular Registry. He believes that the key to achieving optimal patient outcomes is an experienced, appropriately trained consultant-led team combined with careful preoperative assessment and investigations. He is devoted to going above and beyond for his patients to achieve this. ​ Mr Abu-Own referees for the British Journal of Surgery and International Journey of surgery and has built his reputation on the basis of his commitment to the highest standards for patient care, safety and outcomes. ​ He is well versed in the conventional as well as the most modern, minimally invasive treatments. This allows him to draw on all of the available options to make sure you are offered the best treatment out there for your individual needs. Full cover for insured patients If you are planning to fund your treatment by private medical insurance, then you can be rest assured that Mr Abu-Own works with all of the leading providers. ​ You will not be charged any excess fees on account of Mr Abu-Own* as he is compliant with the schedule of fees for all the major UK private medical insurance companies. ​ We will work together with you and your insurance provider to make sure you get the treatment you need quickly. ​ For more information about our simple insurance payment process, as well as a list of the providers that we work with, click here . Greater peace of mind for self-funding patients You don’t need medical insurance to get all of the advantages of private healthcare. You can pay for yourself and take up Nuffield Health’s promise of a fixed, all-inclusive procedure price.** ​ For peace of mind, this covers all of your treatment costs, including pre-assessment and aftercare, so that you don't have to worry about unexpected bills. The procedure price includes all aspects of the surgical treatment pathway: Treatment Pathway Included Pre-assessment appointment, including all pre-hospital admission tests and assessments required Your surgical procedure, including any local / general anaesthetic & anaesthetist care Prosthesis / Implants (the cost of any required prosthesis or implanted material(s)) Your stay in Nuffield Ipswich hospital (as clinically required as part of the treatment) Post-operative care such as suture removal, your physiotherapy (if required), stockings, take home drugs and nursing care Post-operative follow-up consultation with Mr Abu-Own Readmission and treatment if clinically required (returning to theatre/ward due to a complication of the original surgery, subject to following post-operative recommendations as set out by Mr Abu-Own) For more information about our simple self-pay process, click here . An award winning, personalised service provided by our partners at Nuffield Health Nuffield Health is the largest healthcare charity in the UK. As an organisation with no shareholders, all income is invested back into the business. This has kept Nuffield Health at the forefront of medical care as they continually reinvest into services to benefit patients. They have built an outstanding reputation for their standards of care, professionalism and expertise and have been awarded Private Hospital Group of the Year for the third consecutive time at both the Health Investor Awards and LaingBuisson Awards (2017, 2018, 2019). ​ Nuffield Health has industry leading sterilisation practices and is the only hospital operator in the UK with a state-of-the-art equipment sterilisation unit (HSSU) meaning that you can be sure that operations will be performed using spotlessly clean equipment. The operating theatres are equipped with the latest laminar airflow ventilation systems to help further minimise the risk of infection from airborne particles. ​ Set in over 19 acres of woodland, Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital is a modern purpose-built hospital that is a haven of tranquillity. The majority of the bedrooms have patio doors with access to the gardens and woodland views. The premises feels more like a boutique hotel than a hospital. The smart en-suite private rooms, friendly staff and delicious yet nutritious food menu will help get you back on your feet in no time. ​ Nuffield Health Ipswich hospital utilises the most modern diagnostic equipment, advanced medical technologies and surgical equipment to assist with minimally invasive surgery. Almost all technical advancements in healthcare are designed to improve outcomes and reduce risk. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT ENQUIRE ABOUT TREATMENT * For procedures requiring anaesthesia, we request insurance fee-compliant anaesthetists; but this cannot be guaranteed. ** Initial consultation(s), scans/tests and investigations required to establish a diagnosis are not part of the procedure price. The pre-assessment appointment and related tests that are required to assess fitness for, or to prepare you for the surgery are covered by the procedure package price - please check with Nuffield regarding any tests requested. Revision procedures following surgery are covered by the procedure package price if they are clinically required (clinically required means where further intervention and/or monitoring of your condition is deemed necessary by your treating consultant as a direct result of the original procedure). For more details, please see Nuffield Health's Terms and Conditions .

  • Hernia Repair Aftercare | Ipswich & Colchester England | A Abu-Own

    Hernia Repair > Resources > Hernia Repair > Aftercare Medical Disclaimer Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on this site is accurate, it is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment, and Mr A. Abu-Own recommends consultation with a doctor or healthcare professional. The information provided is intended to support patients, not to provide personal medical advice. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information. ​ Aftercare Who is this information for? This page contains general discharge information for those who have undergone a groin or abdominal wall hernia repair with Mr Abu-Own under local anaesthetic with sedation, or under general anaesthetic. Wound Care After 48 hours you may have a shower or bath, but do not soak until your wound has healed. Your stitches are dissolvable and do not need to be removed, unless instructed otherwise. In groin hernia repair, you may experience bruising, which can spread around the groin (and penis and testicle area in men). This will clear gradually. The area around the scar may feel lumpy and may be numb. This is normal and can last a few months. You may experience some oozing from your wound. This may be slightly blood-stained at first. If there is excessive bruising, oozing, inflammation (persistent redness) or you have a pus-like discharge from your wound, then you should contact your GP’s surgery for advice. Pain Relief You will be prescribed pain relief by the hospital. You should take the medication as advised on the packet. Remember to take your tablets regularly. Do not wait for the pain to start. Diet Avoid becoming constipated by eating fresh fruit, vegetables and drinking plenty of clear fluids or fresh fruit juice. You may also want to consider including some specific high fibre foods in your diet such as Allbran, prunes, etc. If you are prescribed codeine as a pain reliever you may need a mild laxative because codeine can cause constipation. This can be purchased from your local pharmacy. Activity You are advised to go home and rest in bed until the next day, but you may get up to go to the toilet. Gradually increase the amount of activity you do each day. Gentle activity is good for you so don't be afraid to mobilise gently. By the end of a week you should be taking walks and have returned to light activity. You will return to normal daily activities gradually. You should be able to return to office work within two weeks and manual work within 4-6 weeks. You should avoid heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks. You may resume sex when you feel comfortable to do so. Most people feel able to return to work 2-4 weeks after the operation depending on the type of work they do. You will be given a certificate to cover the time off work that you require. Drive only when you feel confident to perform an emergency stop, usually in about 1-2 weeks. Sit in a stationary car and practise making an emergency stop. If you are able to do so without being inhibited because of pain or discomfort, then you are likely safe to drive. ​ Getting Help You will have an opportunity to relay any non-urgent concerns during your follow-up consultation with Mr Abu-Own at Nuffield. This usually takes places 2-4 weeks after the procedure. It is quite normal to experience a small amount of discomfort or a minor degree of nausea. However, If you feel that your symptoms are more severe than you would expect and are causing concern, or if you have not passed urine since your operation and are experiencing pain or discomfort because of this, then: Please contact your local hospital (Ipswich: 01473 712233 ; Colchester: 01206 747474 ), and ask to speak to the registrar on call for General Surgery. After the first 24 hours, please contact your GP. However, if you are unable to contact the hospital for any reason or the situation appears particularly urgent, you can come to the Emergency Department. NHS 111 is also available as a source of advice for urgent medical problems and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To get help from NHS 111: Visit their website at 111.nhs.uk or Call 111 . We wish you a speedy recovery. Important Safety Information Although you will be fit to go home when you are discharged, the effects of the anaesthetic may linger for some hours. You should go home and rest under supervision until you feel fully recovered. ​ It is important that a responsible adult remains with you overnight after your operation. You should not drive, cycle, drink alcohol, or operate machinery (including a cooker or kettle) for at least 48 hours from the time of the anaesthetic. Hernia Repair Groin Hernia Repair Abdominal Wall Hernia Repair Aftercare Paying for Your Treatment MAKE AN ENQUIRY BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

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  • March 2021 Update

    We are pleased to announce that Mr Abu-Own is resuming face-to-face clinics and operations at Nuffield Ipswich Hospital and that we expect clinic and theatre activity to return to a (near) normal level of activity by April 2021. We will keep you updated if this status changes. Nuffield Ipswich Hospital had been temporarily closed for new referrals, as it was made available to NHS trusts to support patients with cancer and other urgent health conditions during this challenging period. There’s no need to wait any longer – we’re here to help you whenever you’re ready. Book your consultation with us here or make an enquiry here.

  • Latest COVID-19 Update

    We are pleased to announce that Mr Abu-Own is now accepting new referrals and offering telephone and online consultations for his Nuffield Health patients. These virtual consultations support patients, and the coronavirus response, in a number of ways. The risk of transmission is reduced as patients don’t need to travel into hospital for their initial consultation. A remote consultation also enables clinicians to speak to patients who are unable to travel to hospital, for example those in at risk groups, in self-isolation or those with travel difficulties. Mr Abu-Own will shortly begin offering some face-to-face appointments for selected patients where it is deemed safe and clinically appropriate to do so. This will be based on talks and agreements between Nuffield Health and the NHS to determine the most clinically appropriate diagnostic tests or procedures that can be safely carried out at this time. This would be followed by a preliminary Covid-19 risk assessment during a virtual consultation to ensure it is safe for you to come into the hospital. Following the review and risk assessment, face-to-face appointments will then be offered for patients who meet the criteria. These are tentatively scheduled to start in the firsk week of August for those on the waiting list, with the Covid-19 risk assessment taking place in the week prior to that. We will let you know once dates are confirmed. We understand that patients may be worried about visiting us in person at Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital, but we want to reassure you that staff have been working hard behind the scenes to put strict safety protocols in place to ensure a Covid-19 secure environment. For more information, please visit Nuffield Health’s Covid-19 page. Please note that it is important that you only attend Nuffield Health Ipswich hospital if you have been invited to do so. The wait is over! We are here to help you whenever you’re ready. Enquire about treatment or Book a consultation with Mr Abu-Own today.

  • COVID-19 Announcement

    We understand this is a concerning time for everyone, especially for people at greater risk. As global concern about the current COVID-19 outbreak continues, safeguarding patients and staff remains the top priority. Since 21st March, in an effort to help the nation in its fight against coronavirus, Nuffield Health has made thirty hospitals across England available to NHS trusts. This includes Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital. While this arrangement is in place, Mr Abu-Own will not be providing any medical services at Nuffield Health. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will provide you with further updates as soon as this status changes. If you already have an appointment or treatment booked with us at Nuffield, it is inevitable that the majority of these will need to be delayed. Nuffield Health will be in contact with any patients with upcoming appointments to reschedule them to a later date. If you do not wish for your appointment to be rebooked and have already paid for your procedure, Nuffield Health will look to arrange a refund for you within 30 days. For more information, please visit the Covid-19 page on the Nuffield Health website. In the meantime, we recommend that our patients regularly consult the latest government advice in order to stay up to date with how best to keep themselves and others safe. Thank you for your continued support during this uncertain time.

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